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Help your child build the skills they need for wellbeing.

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Always know what to do and how to help, quickly & easily

58% of millennial parents report being overwhelmed by information available, Our solutions provide you with only the information you need & honors each parent’s and child’s uniqueness.

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Parent with confidence by using research-backed information

68% of parents say they are experiencing anxiety related to parenting. We use only information grounded in research, reviewed and approved by specialized clinicians.

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Be a mindful parent

Research indicates that low parental mindfulness can negatively affect a child's behavior. Our service helps parents develop stronger mindfulness, benefiting both themselves and positively influencing their child's behavior and development.

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Find more joy in parenting

Stress, anxiety, and self-doubt can diminish the joy of parenting. However, by providing support on the parenting journey, it is possible to find more fulfillment in the experience.

We leverage technology research to built impactful parenting tools

The tools we build focus on:

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Goal setting

Research shows, it’s the most effective path to lasting change. We’ll give you the guidance on how to get there

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We honor the uniqueness of every child & parent

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Research shows it improve overall mental wellness and makes us better parents

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Specialized clinical research

. We understand mental wellbeing require specialized knowledge

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We are committed to mental wellbeing for our future, because our children deserve it and parents raising our future, deserve it.

Always know what to do and how to help, quickly & easily

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to check out InteliParent.

Secondly, while I share a bit about my own life experience, this is all about parents and children in who want to support their child’s wellbeing. You are always on my mind.

My story starts when I became a parent seven years ago; however, two years ago, through my own life experience, I had a profound realization of the tremendous importance of mental wellbeing, for my children and my own.

I wanted to be the best parent I could: I read tens of books, hundreds of articles, turned to social media and the internet. In turn I got anxiety, self-doubt, information overload and nothing that gave me confidence in my parenting choices and most importantly, didn’t seem to help my children and their behavior challenges.

I decided to put my mental wellbeing in the hands of experts, and it turned my life around. Being in healthcare, I quickly realized that while every parent wants mental wellbeing for their child and themselves, not every parent wants to take my path and sadly, not everyone can.

In 2023, I decided to use my experience in healthcare and tech for the past decade, all my talents, expertise and skills, and partner with smart and passionate people; we embarked on the mission to build accessible solutions that empower parents to support their child’s wellbeing and their own. That mission is embodied in InteliParent.

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